THE CLASSICAL CHANNEL: Informational, Religious, and Public Affairs Programming                     

                            FROM WEST POINT COMMUNITY RADIO

Informational, Public Affairs, and Religious programming on The Classical Channel brings you the best discussion and inspirational programming available today, without commercials - programming that enlightens and keeps you up to date on world issues.  By listening to our various weekly programs you will stay informed of what is happening in our nation and world.  Informational and Public Affairs programming is aired Saturday mornings from 6AM-9AM Eastern (US) and Religious Programming is aired Sunday mornings from 6AM to 9AM Eastern Time (US). 


Here is the schedule of great Informational, Religious, and Public Affairs programming available on Breezy Radio: 


5:00AM                Wings

5:30AM                Building Bridges

6:00AM                Making Contact

6:30AM                TUC Radio (Time of Useful Consciousness)

7:00AM                Between the Lines

7:30AM                Counterspin

8:00AM                Spiritual Awakening

8:30AM                Voices of our World

9:00AM                World of Radio

9:30AM                Short Wave Report

Check out some of our programmers' websites for more information about their organizations and broadcasts.

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